Home Buyers Program


CB Pugh Enterprises’ Mission

We have spent several years building single family residences while learning the nuances of the new construction process as well as becoming familiar with the industry practices. In 2008 we created a program designed to benefit 1st Time Home buyers in acquiring a newly constructed home.  At CB Pugh Enterprises, we assist our clients in all the phases of the home acquisition process from funding, lot selection, to choosing the floor plans, to the closing table.

We aim to educate our clients on the benefits of building their 1st home through home buyer seminars and one-on-one consultation. We strive to share our knowledge & experiences to assure that our clients achieve the “American Dream“ today without  sacrificing their dreams of tomorrow.

We have teamed with professionals in the banking & real estate fields to create a turn-key, win-win environment for all clients we have the privilege of working with throughout this process.

We aim to make the home building process as simple and cost efficient as possible. We believe that our clients deserve to walk into their
newly built homes with the satisfaction of having had the opportunity to design their homes to their specifications.


8 Steps To Home ownership

  • Enrollment in mortgage  program
  • Approval Letter
  • Select Lot
  • Choose Floor Plan
  • Secure Construction Funds (Builder)
  • Building Phase (60-75 Days)
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Closing


Benefits of Building with CB Pugh Enterprises

  • Ability To Select Lot
  • Ability To Customize Floor Plan
  • Builder Contributed Funds (Closing Costs, Down Payment, Etc.)
  • All Homes Built to Energy Star Rating


We look forward to serving you in your home building/acquisition experience.

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